Roger Sherman Elementary School
Roger Sherman Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut (CT)
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Roger Sherman Elementary School in Meriden, CT

Roger Sherman
Elementary School

64 North Pearl St.
Meriden, CT 06450
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Staff- alphabetical listing

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Moss, Louise, Principal

Phone: 203-238-1286
» Email Moss, Louise

Gennaro, Anita, Assistant Principal
» Email Gennaro, Anita

Abercrombie, Nicole, Grade 2
» Email Abercrombie, Nicole

Aguirre, Luisa, Afternoon Clerk
» Email Aguirre, Luisa

Axon, Susan, Grade 1
» Email Axon, Susan

Benson, Emily, Grade 3
» Email Benson, Emily

Bergmiller, Jamie, School Psychologist
» Email Bergmiller, Jamie

Borsari, Barbara, Art
» Email Borsari, Barbara

Bryers, Adam, Grade 4
» Email Bryers, Adam

Buick, Amy, MLT
» Email Buick, Amy

Candelaria, Kim, Grade 1
» Email Candelaria, Kim

Cardona, David, Family School Liason
» Email Cardona, David

Casey, Veronica, Kindergarten
» Email Casey, Veronica

Castrogiovanni, Vanessa, Grade 2
» Email Castrogiovanni, Vanessa

Ciasullo, Nick, Music
» Email Ciasullo, Nick

Colon, Benjieana, Clerk
» Email Colon, Benjieana

D'Amico, Nick, Special Education
» Email D'Amico, Nick

Delahanty, Shannon, Grade 5
» Email Delahanty, Shannon

DePonte, Tami, Special Education
» Email DePonte, Tami

Fedora, Kristin, Kindergarten
» Email Fedora, Kristin

Giannetti, Maryjean, Science Curriculum Facilitator
» Email Giannetti, Maryjean

Goodman, Erin, Speech/Language Pathologist
» Email Goodman, Erin

Harrigan, Beatrice, Special Education
» Email Harrigan, Beatrice

Higley, Brenda, Media
» Email Higley, Brenda

Hutchinson, Andrew, Math Curriculum Facilitator
» Email Hutchinson, Andrew

James, Symone, Grade 5
» Email James, Symone

Jensen, Amy, Grade 3
» Email Jensen, Amy

Kalber, Kelly, Kindergarten
» Email Kalber, Kelly

Krohn, Marcella, Occupational Therapist
» Email Krohn, Marcella

Larabee, Gail, Hearing Impaired
» Email Larabee, Gail

Mala, Yanitza, ESOL
» Email Mala, Yanitza

Marquis, Rachelle, Grade 2
» Email Marquis, Rachelle

Martin, Brian, Grade 4
» Email Martin, Brian

Martorelli, Dawn, Grade 4
» Email Martorelli, Dawn

Mastriano, Kristin , Kindergarten
» Email Mastriano, Kristin

McDonnell, Heather, OT/PT
» Email McDonnell, Heather

McNulty, Donna, Secretary
» Email McNulty, Donna

Monnes, Emily, Grade 1
» Email Monnes, Emily

Moody, Amy, Math
» Email Moody, Amy

Nutcher, Rachel, Grade 1

Phone: 203-238-1286
» Email Nutcher, Rachel

Olson, Karen, Cafeteria
» Email Olson, Karen

Pergolotti, Sarah, Grade 3
» Email Pergolotti, Sarah

Petralito, Allison, Grade 5
» Email Petralito, Allison

Poggio, Barbara, Physical Education
» Email Poggio, Barbara

Romania, Kathy, OT/PT
» Email Romania, Kathy

Scully, Patrick, Grade 4
» Email Scully, Patrick

Sharnick, Anne, Grade 3
» Email Sharnick, Anne

Steminsky, Christine, Special Education
» Email Steminsky, Christine

Stewart, Keely, Grade 2
» Email Stewart, Keely

Tellez, Renee, Grade 5
» Email Tellez, Renee

Trella, Peter, Custodian
» Email Trella, Peter

Wanczyk, Rose-Anne, CHC Social Worker
» Email Wanczyk, Rose-Anne

Whittier, Patricia, Guidance Counselor
» Email Whittier, Patricia

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